This class will now be livestreamed

Friday April 3rd to Sunday April 5th, 2020. CET time zone!

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The class will be given in English and simultaneoulsy translated into French  (You will hear the translation only if you are wearing the provided headphones) 

Translations in other languages will be offered if sufficient demand requires. We have Hungarian translation arranged.

The price of the class depneds on where you live. For some cou tries it's $1950USD, others it's $1695USD. please email us!

There are great discounts if you are repeating the class, have bought the class recording or have taken the Happy Mouth Basics class.

If you are repeating the 3 day class within a year, you pay $675, within 1-2 years, $975. If you have taken the Basics class with Shauna or online, your fee for that class will be deducted from the 3 day class fee.

The full 3 day class includes:

* You will be a Certified Practitioner of Happy Mouth after this class, if you take a short written test - you can run sessions on friends, family and clients.

The clearings, processes and activations of the Happy Mouth™system including how to activate the head points, demonstrated by Shauna and practiced by each participant on one another.
Happy Mouth includes:
* head points to activate dormant systems (including the "Youthening System")
* Hands on processes for TMJ issues, tooth decay, gum recession, and more
* Protocols to regrow teeth, gums and bone, nerve regeneration and more.

There are new processes, including protocols to regenerate nerves, deal with tooth decay, gum recession, in addition to growing new teeth. We also have a new process to remove all doubt - which is the major limiting factor.
After the class you will be considered a Happy Mouth™ Certified Practitioner. You can be listed on the Happy Mouth website.

In addition, there are processes for activating the micro-organisms that ‘eat’ plaque ; a hands-on processes for focal infections and much more.

Other topics covered include mercury amalgams, phobias about dentistry, receding gums, bone loss, clenching & grinding, dental implants, and wisdom teeth. In the live class, there are a number of new points not introduced before in telecalls - the Youthening Point which activates a whole system of anti-ageing in the body, and the Hair Generation Point to regrow hair !

If you have already taken a Happy Mouth 3 day class OR bought the class replay, there are repeat prices. Please ask for your price.

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Host: Laurence Sevagamy -


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